Fertilization/Weed Control

Hampshire Farm Landscaping, LC is pleased to offer fertilization and weed control services to our clients.
All lawns need nutrients to survive and sometimes they need a little help to get them. We can design several different programs to help your lawn look its best. Additionally, we can set up and schedule several applications that continue throughout the season, or we can apply it only once or twice.
Our fertilization professionals can present a custom program to fit your lawn's needs, based on the overall existing health and size of your area to be managed. Once the program has been created, you have the ultimate decision (along with the recommendation from our professionals) as to which applications you would like to receive.
Our programs can contain the following applications:

Pre-Emergent - Prevents crabgrass. This is used in conjunction with a fertilizer to more quickly green up your lawn.

Broadleaf Control - Controls tough summertime weeds.

Grub Control - Controls the damaging effects grubs can have on your lawn. We can determine if a curative product is needed in spring, followed by a preventative application no later than mid-July.

Turf Builder - Boosts the root system using a balanced granular fertilizer allowing your lawn to recover from summertime heat stress.

Fall Weed Control - Controls fall weeds.

Winterizer - Supplies nutrients and feeds your lawn during the long winter season.

Fall Aeration - Over time your soil becomes compacted leaving the subsoil undesirable for healthy lawn growth. Walking, playing, mowing and watering compact particles and reduce the air space necessary for root growth. Our aerification process plugs 2-3 inches deep into the soil, leaving finger-like holes in the soil. There are many benefits to this process. First, you can reduce your lawn watering by up to 50%. Aeration also stimulates root growth and improves oxygen content. In addition, this process reduces thatch and improves nutrient availability.

Organic Lawn Care

If you are looking to take an organic approach, we also offer an organic lawn care program using the Bradfield Organics products! Let us set up your organic program to keep your lawn green and healthy throughout the growing season. Call or contact us today for a free estimate!

Information on Organic Lawn Care Program:
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